Helping founders with courage build the future.





  • Philosophy


    Trifecta Capital partners with founders engrossed in transforming existing ways of work or life. We don't care about credentials or previous titles the founder may have had. We do care enormously about how founders think and obsess about their customer, as well as their ability to thrive and triumph in games where the odds seem stacked against them.

    We like founders that don’t outgrow their wonder years.



    We believe that the end game for pattern matching in venture means missing the black swans and reinforcing past biases. Therefore, even though we learn from the past, we anticipate a future that looks very different. The founders, markets, products and services of the future may seem astonishing and peculiar when compared with those of today and yesteryear.

    Open-mindedness and a willingness to roll up our sleeves and reach out to founders we think are building cool stuff is core to Trifecta Capital’s ethos. We aren't an elitist venture capital firm. We want to be perceived as part of the team in the journey and someone you can trust.

    We value intellectual flexibility, a bias for action, pragmatism, independent thought & strong mission alignment.



  • What we do

    We partner with startups starting at the seed stage and across industries with an initial $125k-$250k investment. We allocate 5% of Trifecta's return in each portfolio company to a philanthropy of that founder's choice. Why do we do this? We believe the best founders are mission- driven.


    We help founders with hiring, fundraising, strategy, and partnerships. We also believe in being a sounding board and supportive shoulder to lean on. Empathy is critical.


    Most of all, we are grateful to be part of the journey. We don't take the responsibility lightly. We have a duty to our founders. We are in for the long-haul.

  • Founders & Companies

    Trifecta Capital has partnered with the following companies at the seed stage, often when the team is just one or two founders. In aggregate, Trifecta Capital portfolio companies employ hundreds of people and serve a global market for their product or service.

    EquipmentShare is a peer-to-peer equipment rental marketplace that also offers telematics and equipment utilization services.

    Founders: Jabbock & Willy Schlacks, Jeff Lowe, Brad Siegler, Matthew McDonald

    UpKeep is a mobile-first maintenance management software program that helps users keep track of work orders and assets.

    Founder: Ryan Chan

    Second Spectrum is focused on the development of machine learning, computer vision, big data, augmented, and virtual reality technology solutions for the sports industry. Its technology solutions are applied in mobile apps, touch screens, smart TVs, and more.

    Founders: Rajiv Maheswaran, Yu-Han Chang, Jeff Su

    Human Interest helps small businesses set up and manage 401(k)s for their employees.

    Founders: Roger Lee & Paul Sawaya

    Moltin provides developers with the building blocks needed to build headless eCommerce websites and mobile applications through a simple API.

    Founders: Adam Sturrock, Chris Roach, Jamie Holdroyd

    Wheelys is a chain of organic bicycle cafés and shops, enabling people to start their own businesses.

    Founders: Per Cromwell, Tomas Mazetti, Maria De la Croix

    Acerta is a machine learning platform for vehicle data to detect anomalies and predict failures.

    Founders: Greta Cutulenco, Sebastian Fischmeister, Jean-Cristophe Petkovich

    Plato helps engineers become better managers through a community of experienced mentors.

    Founders: Quang Hoang, William Polet, Jean- Baptiste Coger

    Guilded helps gaming teams recruit, improve and compete. Founder: Eli Brown

    Meya.ai is a developer focused platform for developing best in class conversational interfaces.

    Founders: Erik Kalviainen, Amanie Ismail

    CognitionIP is a tech-powered patent law firm that leverages technology for superior quality and efficiency.

    Founders: Bryant Lee, Andrew Tjang

    Computer vision company that aims to make America safer through a commercial smart alarm/camera system.

    Founders: Lisa Falzone, Chris Ciabbara

    Cyral enables companies to guard against data exfiltration without requiring any agents or app modifications. The Cyral service is easy to use and plugs seamlessly into an infrastructure-as-code framework. The Cyral founding team has deep expertise in building databases, compilers, and proxy-based distributed services.

    Founders: Manav Mital, Srinivas Vadlamani