We help defiant founders  build revolutionary companies.






  • Manifesto


    We don't follow pattern matching when partnering with founders. We think checklists create stereotypes and stereotypes are bad. They ruin the possibility of helping those that are building groundbreaking companies.


    We enjoy meeting founders with divergent insights that can demonstrate how they transform existing ways of work or life. The path to creating radical change isn't easy. We look for founders that thrive and triumph in games where the odds seem stacked against them.

  • What we do

    We partner with startups starting at the seed stage and across industries. We look to support the company until IPO. We allocate 20% of Trifecta's carry return in each portfolio company to a philanthropy of that founder's choice. Why do we do this? We believe the best founders are mission- driven.


    We help founders with hiring, fundraising, strategy, and partnerships. We also believe in being a sounding board and supportive shoulder to lean on. Empathy is critical.


    Most of all, we are grateful to be part of the journey. We don't take the responsibility lightly. We have a duty to our founders. We are in for the long-haul.

  • Portfolio

  • Team

    We are proud that —like our founders— we are a a venture capital firm that is backed by a founder that is not of the status quo. We are also fortunate to count as limited partners, Silicon Valley luminaries and a signatory to the Giving Pledge.

    Founding Managing Partner

    Veronica previously apprenticed in venture at S-Cubed Capital under Mark Stevens, former Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital. While at S-Cubed, Veronica sourced deals in Secret, Second Spectrum and Embark (acq. by APPL). She served attended board meetings for Elemental Technologies (acq. AMZN), Zapproved, Deal Decor and Second Spectrum. Previous to venture, she launched a dairy farm while living in rural South Africa. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in finance from the University of Southern California at the age of 20. While in college she conducted research on the financial crash, executive compensation and published her honors thesis on the impact of microfinance on inequality. During college she started a couple of businesses including a second hand marketplace for women's clothing and a photo editing/ filtering business.




    On diversity... Trifecta's portfolio doesn't consist of cookie-cutter founders and I'm not a cookie-cutter investor. Over the past 5 years investing I've realized I'm not drawn to the conventional or average.


    Most underrated role of an investor? empathy- leading an early stage start-up is mentally arduous.


    Intellectual flexibility comes from growing up and living in a lot of places— from the English countryside, to Mpumalanga, South Africa, to Washington DC— it enables me to take a unconstrained view on markets and founders. I'm not what most people expect as a "venture capitalist" and I think the best founders also defy expectations. It's ok if you've never felt "normal."


    It's spectacular how rapidly technology and markets are shifting, not being tethered to a pre-existing technology, business model or mindset is a super power. Be audacious to try things others say won't work.


    Words to live by. Live life with gratitude, sincerity and joy.